Reporting in

Pembroke, Bermuda

After the first week of this slow carb lifestyle, there isn’t much to show for it. You’ve seen pretty much all the meals that I prepare. It is pretty much lather, rinse, repeat at this point. However, things are going well. I’m now back down below my minimum before the binging last week. Around 263 pounds. I feel like I’m well on my way to being superhuman.

The only time I eat something which is different from my usual meals is when we go out for dinner. Last night we took a work term candidate out for dinner at our usual Friday location: Robin Hood. The had a special with lots of meat and vegetables, and with a substitution of rice for salad it seemed perfect. And it tasted great.

It was steak, chicken and sausage covered in mushrooms, peppers and tomato sauce. Tomorrow is another binge day and while I’m excited about it, I’m not as anxious as I was last time. Perhaps because I’ve gotten used to what I’m doing. I have a proper list this time, and even better, I have a stash of binge goodies that I’ve been saving.

One of my colleagues, Rich, baked some cupcakes for everyone yesterday, and so I took one and tucked it away, along with some other sweets which were left over from a meeting. These things have gone into my binge box which is tucked away out of sight.

Another thing I’d like to get my hands on tomorrow: onion rings. We’ll see what unfolds. I’m probably not going to do a pizza again this week, so might do a burger at some point. Yes, burger, onion rings and milk shake. Now I’m anxious. :)

Written by Colin Bate