As a student, I am not unfamiliar with stress. Assignments, papers, exams, decisions to make — all of this is enough to unravel the best of us. I do know however, that there are people out there — some of whom I know who don’t handle this as well. Having taken computer science, I have the inclination that some other degree programs provide a larger dose of stress to the students. I’m not here to debate the relative merits of a tough, stressful program or anything like that. All I wanted to do was quick plug a possible solution for some people.

Eli Bay is a relaxation therapist — he does seminars and sells CDs of his relaxation programs and if you haven’t tried one, you don’t know what you are missing. He has CDs for various purposes including increasing focus, sleeping better, relieving physical responses to stress and more. You can order the CDs online and the whole process is pretty painless — my CD arrived less than a week after ordering it. Living with stress isn’t good for you, and some people manage it better than others. I guess you could say this is my glass of red wine a day. :)