Reinventing Myself, Again

So if you are reading this, you have come across my new home on the web. You may wonder how it can be new and contain some 50+ posts (as of this writing). Well I have taken the liberty of seeding some content which dates back to 2011.

This content comes in the form of Fun Links posts which I have been creating for my work colleagues for the past number of years. These posts are essentially just a curated collection of links with descriptions. The general theme of the links are related to web development (JavaScript libraries, online services, etc), but there are some other topics scattered about. Some of these links may no longer even be active (one of the risks in the tech world), but I’ll try to go back and add notes if necessary.

If you plot my fun links posts on a calendar, you’ll see that they are all dated on Fridays. That is because they are known as my Friday Fun Links to those I’ve been sending them to. So on some Fridays you can expect to see more of those posts happening. If anyone has a theme that you want me to send links about, I’m happy to look into it.

I’m also planning to write about my personal experiments in the world of web development, as well as any tidbits from work which I think others would benefit from.

Aside from this blog, I am also currently trying to reinvent myself personally as well. I’ve been working through the workouts provided by the Six Pack Shortcuts program to try and build some muscle as a prelude to losing some weight. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail in this post, but I will try to provide a review of sorts once I get a bit more into it. Whatever else happens, it has gotten me into the gym five nights a week, which is a lot better than where I was before.