I must say that my bunny on my head certainly does attract some serious attention. Imagine me sitting in the front of a church during a funeral and a good percentage of the eyes being transfixed on the back of my head. You know that feeling that you can get when someone is staring at you? I don’t have that sensation anymore. It is very much gone. Which is a good thing - while I consciously know that people are looking at me - I don’t get that weird feeling that often makes people feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. At the reception (to aforementioned funeral) my dad was pointing me out to a couple people he was talking to - identifying me as his oldest son.

He’s the one with the rabbit on his head.”
“Is he some sort of punk?”
“No, he’s a computer geek.

Now that’s what I’m talking about.

I must say that the majority of people who are likely to recognize the “logo” on my head are male. Maybe because they are more familiar with it, maybe because they are more likely to approach me about it. In fact I was in the convenience store a few minutes ago and the cashier commented on it as soon as I walked in and continued to engage me in conversation about it until I left basically. He even tried to sell me the magazine “to go with it”. I declined… I mean… I imagine the magazine costs at least $15 - and quite frankly that isn’t the type of thing that I am going to pay for. :) In fact one of the questions that the cashier asked me about was how much it cost. This is a very common question - common to the point where I’m tempted to carry around a full explaination of how exactly I create my “artwork” on little cards to give out to people.

So I’ve decided to provide a photo of my setup in my bathroom which I use to shave my head. Bear in mind that I can also do it away from my apartment with the aid of a little handheld mirror and a younger brother to hold said mirror for the right side of my head. (As I discovered last Friday).

Written by Colin Bate