Rain or internet?

Arrianou, Thessaloniki

No one likes it when it rains. Except maybe gardeners, those living in really arid conditions or melancholy poets. The funny thing is that when I discovered it was raining, I had literally only minutes before come from a room where my sole purpose was to pour water on myself. I guess if I were to add some shower gel, a sponge and minus my clothes, a trip anywhere outside might seem a bit more reasonable – if not entirely socially unacceptable.

I really have little right to complain – it hardly ever rains here, and it IS Sunday, so I don’t need to go anywhere. And in any of my other apartments or rooms I’ve lived in the past 6 years or so I would have been all for doing just that. But here, I’ve accumulated a couple of things that I would like to look up/do on the internet and I had hoped to spend a couple of networked hours doing just that. Of course, no one will read this post until I manage to do just that, but therein lies the question: rain or internet.

I’ve never been one for getting dressed and packing up my computer only to walk in the rain for ten minutes. I could get a bus, and if I do decide to venture out in the rain, that is likely what I will be doing. My real concern is that I’ll get packed up, head out, arrive at the school and find those who were supposed to open the lab had chickened out like I am contemplating. Then what? I have a strong feeling that the internet will win this battle especially if the rain starts to abate in the next couple minutes. Or I can plastic wrap all my electronics and jump headlong into the fray. I’ll keep you posted on this epic struggle. ;)

The internet won. :)