Quick Turnaround

I wrote my second exam of the term (HCI) this morning (April 22) and I just learned that it has been marked and grades submitted already. As I was leaving my exam - it was 2 hours and I left around the 1:35 mark, I saw the TA marking the other exams already. Some people might think that it was because the TAs go on strike tomorrow and the prof was trying to get as much as possible from him. When in fact the reason for the rush is that CHI 2004 is this weekend in Vienna, Austria and the prof from my HCI class and a few of her grad students (including the TA) are going to be flying out tomorrow and Saturday.

In other school related news… I am still working on this sodding code optimization assignment and I seriously want to throw it out the window. But I think I have one more thing that I want to do add to it and I am going to pass it in regardless… Aarrgh. Just Digital Media left as far as exams go and it is on Saturday - at 7pm of all times. I’ll keep you in the loop.

Written by Colin Bate