Pops & Scratches

Well I am back from denting my bank account. Despite my usual compulsive buying habits I actually spent the least amount of my spendthrift trio. I came back a new CD - electronic sessions > techno, which I will mention is downright awesome. I also purchased a nice pair of Koss headphones (pictured), which replace my currently broken pair of nice Genexxa ones that I tried twice to solder back to life. I also bought the movie Joy Ride on DVD. This was a good movie in the theatres and has four (4) alternative endings (one of which is 29 minutes long).

My brother however, bought an 80 GB hard drive. Why? Because he could. He already has 40 GB in his server and a 30 gig drive in the family computer at home. I could see if he had a high speed internet connection, but unfortunately, we can still only get dial-up at home. :(

new headphones

And I just noticed that it is starting to rain here. Well, I guess we got back in time then. I hope that everyone has a pleasant Easter weekend, whether you celebrate it or not. Chocolate is a universal obsession. :) Have a good one. Cheers

Written by Colin Bate