Bridges Hall, University of Reading

I took a break today from my hard student lifestyle to swing into London. The purpose of this trip was twofold. The first was that I took over one of my huge bags so that when I finally move everything out of Reading on Saturday I won’t be battling a large number of bags. So that means that all of my dirty laundry and a number of other shirts (which by proximity are now dirty as well) are all peacefully in London where I don’t really have to worry about them until I fly back to Canada. That just leaves me to fill my remaining huge bag and a couple smaller bags with everything in my room. I’m not sure if that is going to be possible, but I’ve seen more challenging things accomplished.

The second purpose for my trip to London was that I had an appointment. A spa appointment. One of the perks of spending so much of my time this term putting together a website and a small online store for a spa is that I can get paid in spa treatments (at least partly). So I decided that today I would go in and get some nice treatments done. And I did. First I had the Milk & honey body experience and then a Cleansing facial. (The links are normally used as a popup so they might seem a bit sparse.) It was amazing. I highly recommend that anyone who is looking to get something different for someone on their list for Christmas, think about a gift certificate for some spa treatments. My skin has never felt so smooth, which is especially nice, after spending almost three months in this dry, dry room.

Even computer scientists need to be pampered on occasion. :)