Photoshop Disk Error

Recently I’ve been having problems with Photoshop when I try to save a file. It will tell me that the file can’t be saved because the disk is full — or something similarly ominous. With 190 GB free on Athena, I doubt that there is any trouble finding space for a 40KB PNG. This happens both trying to save files I open and modify and files that I create from scratch. After a long editing session I tried to save and it wouldn’t let me — needless to say I was concerned. Enter a dash of Google and a cup of rifling through various forums, and I found someone that had a similar problem. Apparently if you just try to save it to a different volume it will save OK. Fortunately I have a couple of options here and I was able to save the files to my USB JumpDrive. In Finder I was able to drag the files on to my hard disk in their intended locations and all was well.

I’m pretty sure that this only occurs once Photoshop has been running for a while and that quitting and relaunching will fix the problem, but when you have a complicated multi-layer image open that needs saving, this isn’t a particularly attractive option. So if you encounter this issue, mount your iPod or other external drive — or if worse comes to worse, you should be able to save it to a blank CD or a new created disk image (.dmg)

Written by Colin Bate