Peter Jacksonism

This is my new religion. A lot of people this time of year are anxious for Christmas. And it is true that I am as well. But Christmas comes once a year. Sometimes you are waiting for an event for longer than that, like two years. Such was the case for the conclusion of Lord of the Rings. It hit me rather unexpectedly during the Christmas break of 2001. A friend wanted to see the Fellowship of the Ring and went along. It blew my mind. Melted my brain if you will - I was in love. The Two Towers didn’t disappoint, although the extended version was far superior. Then was the waiting game for Return of the King.

And oh but it was worth it. Worth every second of the 3+ hours we spent in line, worth the three weeks I held onto my ticket, worth so much more than I had to give. Great seats, great friends, great movie. A great movie that I would love to describe in detail, but won’t. If you have read the books then you know generally what should happen, but the execution of it is simply stunning. Obviously, those people who have seen the first two movies are going to see their investment through and most likely will see this one, but see it in theatres. See it a couple of times. Enjoy it. Savour it. Wow.

Written by Colin Bate