For the second time in my life I was out participating in paintball on Saturday. And like last time I had a great experience. I was killed my fair share of times, the very first time by our own tugger. Of course revenge reared its ugly head and I was able to get him the next round - in the neck like he got me. But it’s all fun and games, and I definitely faired out better than some of the other people that were there. My friend Marion got a few good welts out of the experience, but was able to get a good number of frags as well.

Following the two hours of combat action, we hit the barbeque. Hotdogs, hamburgers and beer were flowing like water. Pop however was being consumed all along and by the time that we got to eating it was almost gone. But I hid a few away and for a time it was good. Then I did some time in front of the BBQ - laying down the law with the hardcore spatula. :) So we waited for the bus which wasn’t scheduled to show up until two hours after we were done playing paintball. But it was fun.

The bus ride home was an adventure in and of itself. Much beer had been consumed and there was considerable merriment. But we survived and I am here to tell the tale. From what I heard the society is thinking about doing this again in the fall and I will definitely be there.

Written by Colin Bate