Out Paced

Whatever the reason - laziness, lack of anything exciting happening, no more novelty - I seem to be running a slow race behind mike as far as number of interesting posts being made. I think that his posting certainly picked up since he moved to Toronto and therefore had far more interesting things happening to him.

Personally I think it is great. It gives me something to read on a fairly regular basis and a motivation to improve not only my website, but my writing style. I have been making some subtle changes to my site that only a few of you will have noticed. Anyone reading my site from Firefox or Safari will notice that my external links now have cool little icons beside them - denoting the fact that they lead away from my site. Credit belongs where it is due - I shamelessly stole the graphic from the SubEthaEdit website. I want to see that I could get the technique working. I also learned a bit about attribute matching with CSS. Other small changes: my archive page now used PATH_INFO manipulation to get the archive date, and my weather is now being grabbed by a cron job so it isn’t being fetched each page request - which should avoid any loading delays.

Written by Colin Bate