One crazy week

Yes, I have had more grueling weeks in my days, but last week was certainly crazy with a different twist. One that didn’t have me sitting at the computer endlessly or even writing anything down at all. It did involve throwing things out, moving things around and putting things together. It was week of non stop cleaning of our house in order to prepare for a largish family get together at our place this weekend. And clean is what happened. Everything went perfectly, except unfortunately the weather. Not that it was terrible, it just wasn’t pool weather.

One of the major changes worth mentioning was the fact that we entirely overhauled our rec. room. This is the room where all of our family computers have lived. The predominant piece of furniture in this room was a large wooden table that was over seven feet long and three and a half feet wide and home to probably over ten computers of various shapes and sizes over the course of 15 years it was here. Of course, an important fact to note is that it is – and always has been – far too high to use a computer at comfortably. Armed with my more recent knowledge of ergonomics – not to mention a touch of RSI to make things fun, I declared to my family, that it was no longer suitable to have this beast of a table – which is otherwise a fine sturdy table – in our rec. room.

So while we were madly cleaning, we also managed to take this table out onto our screened in deck where it is much more appreciated. A bit more shuffling and a trip to Staples has landed us with a much more suitable computing environment. We added three new – and relatively inexpensive – desks to replace that table and with the addition of my desk which fortunately matches the colour of at least two of the new desk, we have quite the setup. We even managed to organize the tangled mess that was our router which despite having all eight ports in use, only really needed four of those – with the helpful addition of my switch.

So this is the story of why I haven’t been able to do much this past week. But now I have finished my latest book I was reading and I think I can get started on some other projects as well. Oh yes – and bask by the pool. :)