On the move, again

Vancouver, BC

It has been nine months in the making, but I’m actually leaving Vancouver. I am returning to Bermuda to continue work on a project I am currently involved with. A year in Bermuda, there could be worse things that is for sure. The weather this winter in Vancouver has been nothing short of awful (for Vancouver anyway) and so warmer shores are not unwelcome. I will likely have a flight arranged by the time I get to work tomorrow. I am leaving the night of the 24th, overnighting to Toronto and then heading to Bermuda early on the 25th. That gets me there in time for my immigration medical exam on the 26th.

Much needs to be done in the next eleven days to get my affairs in order. I need to squeeze all of my belongings back into suitcases, donating and selling those items which don’t make sense to bring with me. Backing up files, organizing papers and let’s not forget saying good-bye. No one wants to leave good friends behind, but it is a grim part of reality for someone nomadic like myself. Not to say some last minute memories can’t be made.

I’m sure there will be more updates and more photos as the relocation process continues, stay tuned.