OK, this is getting weird...

I have written three exams in four days and each one I finished at least an hour before the allotted time. My compiler exam only took me 1 hour and 20 minutes out of three hours. And that time includes my “checking it over” period. I knew that things were odd when I was finished three out of five questions on the exam in under 30 minutes. All this and I still consider my exam next Saturday to be my ‘easy’ exam. This photo is of me doing my post-exam victory dance.

The truly funny thing was the note on the front cover of the exam: Budget your time wisely and don’t panic. In other words, write the exam, walk home, call your family for 15 minutes, fix yourself something to eat, and update your website. But not once did I panic - so I guess it’s all good.

Written by Colin Bate