Ohh... writing.

Yes, that thing that I hate. That is, I hate it if I have to do it properly. I can write on here and that doesn’t bother me. Why? Because no one is marking it, no one is judging it and it is meant to make you feel like I am talking to you. That is the way that makes sense to me. I guess that not everyone feels that way because I needed to resubmit my work term report because of my writing style. When I look at the corrections that the marker made, they all make perfect sense. In fact it makes me realize that I don’t really know the first thing about writing formally. I also lack the dicipline to write informally for very long as well so I can’t cast off formal writing forever. My career has a novelist would likely be quite sort-lived. In any case, I thank all of you for your continued patronage despite my rambling, incoherent style. :) Cheers

Written by Colin Bate