New Subway

For those of you not in the loop on my lunch routines, Mike and I have been going to Subway for lunch pretty much every day. While Subway is likely the best choice as far as fast-food is concerned, the drain this is having on my wallet is becoming a slight concern. The Subway we frequent is located in a hospital across the street from the computer science building. It opened last October and now, only a couple of months later, there is a new one that has just opened up two blocks away. In fairness, this new location has a tremendous amount of foot traffic — especially from students. And they can sell cookies (the one in the hospital is next to a Tim Hortons and they don’t sell cookies).

However, be warned. This Subway (on the corner of Robie and Spring Garden) is very small — and warm. Staying there to eat (although they only have two small tables) will leave you saturated in Subway smell for the rest of the day — or until you can burn your clothes. To make matters worse, they took all the new crappy trainees and stuck them in this one restaurant. Overall not worth it just to get cookies :).

Written by Colin Bate