New phones

New phone: Aastra 480eOur new phones arrived yesterday which is kind of cool. I haven’t had a landline in about 2 years and the concept is unfamiliar to my new cellular lifestyle. It turns out that instead of a phone for the whole apartment which was what I had assumed, we each get one for our rooms - each with our own phone number. We are also on a central system, so that dialing another residence phone number only requires four digits. The laziness factor amounts to the fact that I will be able to call my brother in his room which is connected to mine.

The phone itself is quite nice - an Aastra 480e which has a nice display and a speakerphone and a data port for connecting a modem if I wanted to send a fax say. The voicemail is also really nice. I’m not sure whether this is a standard voicemail thing for landlines or not, but it lets me set two messages - one for when I am on the phone and one for when I don’t answer. That is pretty cool if you ask me.

Written by Colin Bate