New Ground

Well, I’m trying something new. The picture on the left (of the flowers) is hosted on Anna (my computer) and so if I ever have to turn my computer off (which isn’t often) or if it crashes (like it did last night) then it won’t be visible. I guess I’ll have to see how that works, but the main thing to note is that everyone should be able to see the picture - even those people outside the Dalhousie subnet.

Spring Ball is rapidly approaching - much faster then I had originally pictured. I guess I saw the 20th of May as being far in the future, but the summer slips by so quickly. I think I’ll attend… I didn’t go last year, but that was then and I didn’t really know anyone… I guess a lot can change in a year. :)

For those people who have not voted yet… VOTE. I am going to be doing the top two things on that list, but I am just deciding in which order. Also I plan on making that RPG a collective effort. Never before have I had the great development team that I have now. I’ll be setting up a collaborative environment where we can work on this together on the web site. I’m more looking for some help with concepts and design and I can do the PHPing :) More info will follow.

Written by Colin Bate