New edition

My family just bought a dog. Apparently a nice German Shepherd mix which they found at the SPCA. I really have no idea how the SPCA at home operates - or how it operates anywhere for that matter. But apparently they went in today to take a look and ended up deciding to get one right then. My only other SPCA knowledge comes from Icicle’s story on the forum whereby she had to wait a few days before she could get the dog (and it sucks that someone else took the dog she wanted). I’m not sure why some people need to wait and others don’t. That being said, I’m not a particularly big fan of animals, so I am not likely to ever have a pet. I can see myself owning a small dog possibly, but not anytime soon. I mean, I am barely responsible enough to take care of myself, let alone another living being. :P

Written by Colin Bate