New Apple release

If anyone else is interested, Apple released an update to their Power Mac G5 line today - introducing a dual 2.5 GHz G5 machine that boast serious performance. Performance increases of 78% over a dual 3.2 GHz Xeon machine for example in one of the Adobe Photoshop tests. They have 1.25 GHz front side buses on these new models and the part that some of you will enjoy - they are liquid cooled for an even quieter experience.

Also of more interest to you hold outs - the Airport Express was released that lets you easily set up a wireless base station with a usb print server and wireless music. It includes AirTunes which will allow iTunes users to stream their music to a stereo or powered speakers which can plug right into the base station. The station itself can also act as a repeater or access point for an existing network and supports the full wireless functionality of the Airport Extreme Base station - including WEP, WPA and other settings. And you PC users will be happy to know that it will work with any 802.11g wireless cards/adapters/networks.

All of this comes a couple weeks before the WWDC - which is very unusual for Apple, they usually wait to unveil new products… my hope is that this is just the small peak of the mountain that is to come on June 28.

Written by Colin Bate