Neighbourly Love

Unfortunately, I am not talking about the great neighbours we have here on the fourth floor of Glengary. I am alluding to the new neighbour we have just across Robie St. I must say that he isn’t there a whole lot, which is really quite unfortunate. My roommate Chris and I think that he is really cool - and we are always happy to see him come home. I guess you could say we are equally excited when he leaves too. Unfortunately the neighbours don’t really like him that much - because you have to admit, he does make a fair bit of noise in his travels.

Now that I have sufficiently killed that introduction, you may or may not be expecting that our new neighbour is a helicopter. (I bet the picture helped you.) In any case it is true… the hospital across the way behind our apartment building now has a heli-pad.

We knew that they were building something. There had been a rather large crane out there since we moved in. Now however, the crane is gone but there is a helicopter to replace it. Sure it makes a lot of noise… but I think it is great. I makes me feel like I am in the middle of something when it takes off. I personally am just glad that I am a heavy sleeper.

I know that at some point in the future I may grow to hate the helicopter… but until then it is a cool addition to the neighbourhood.

Written by Colin Bate