My damp island home

Hamilton, Bermuda

To everyone I didn’t email directly, I wanted to say that I made it safely to Bermuda.

It is a tiring journey since the flight is overnight from Vancouver and there is a loss of four hours. The place I am staying is quite nice, albeit older. It is also bigger than my last place both in Bermuda and in Vancouver. I’m not sure what to do with that. Despite the space, seeing as how it is a cottage, there isn’t much in terms of desk space for a computer. Since I have my beautiful iMac on its way down, that is a slight concern. The lack of good desk space however, has plagued me at home for the past couple of years. It isn’t as much of a problem given that I don’t do that much work at home, but it would be nice to have a more appropriate spot to sort out my photos. Another concern here is the dampness. Everything in my cottage is wet. I’m not sure if that is a factor of it not being inhabited for a couple of weeks or just a fact of where it is. As such I am concerned for the well-being of all of my electronics. I will be keeping my camera at the office, along with my laptop, but my iMac I will have at home. I might take the advice of a coworker and get it insured–apparently Bermuda is good for that.

Anyway, after this week, which I’m sure will be quite unusual, and I get a chance to settle in a bit, I will hopefully resume posting photos.