More flying

Bridges Hall, University of Reading

In all the Network Computing excitement lately, I neglected to mention the fact that I actually purchased a ticket back to Europe from Canada for round two of my european odyssey. I was initially going to buy a one-way ticket from Halifax to London, because I had no idea when the next chance for me to get home would be. However, one-way flying it turns out it ridiculously expensive. Needlessly so. It was half of the price to buy a return ticket than it was to fly one-way. So I am leaving Halifax on 31 Dec – which was also cheaper – and returning 15 Nov 2006. That was the furthest in advance that I could book the return. I suspect that when I get closer to that date, I will be able to move it ahead, potentially into December in case I get a chance to return for Christmas again next year.

As a new experience I can add to my list I am going to be ushering in 2006 somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean in a flying tube full of people I’ve never met before. Of course I’m still not sure how I’m getting from London to Greece yet, but that story will be told when it is told. :)