Mac Update Promotional Bundle

Burnaby, BC

If you are a Mac user than this post is for you. If you aren’t, well, perhaps this bundle will tempt you over. I’m not saying that it will blow everyone away, but the current bundle from MacUpdate has some nice apps which you can get together for one low price.

The flagship app of this bundle is definitely Parallels. If you are running an Intel Mac, this program will allow you to install and run Windows and Windows applications along side your Mac programs. Unlike Apple’s Bootcamp, this doesn’t require you to choose between Mac OS X and Windows, it allows the two to co-exist at the same time.

Beyond that, there are some applications for helping you organize your files and documents, edit audio files, maintain global keyboard snippets and rip DVD content to your iPod or other format. For the full list and a much better description, visit the MacUpdate Promo site.

Oh, and this is a time limited offer, going until April 29th. Spread the word, the more they sell, the more applications are available.

Written by Colin Bate