London Bridge is falling down

West Hampstead, London

Well, Nenad and I have arrived safely in the UK, and as expected it was a bit of an adventure. As it turns out, there is no real train route from Gatwick to West Hampstead at the time which we needed. I wish I had the presence of mind to search for that before I started out on this trip, but hey, lesson learned. And the curriculum for this lesson involved us standing in a taxi rank at the London Bridge station for the better part of an hour in the cold. Just about the time I was ready to start hurting people because my feet hurt so much, we finally managed to get a cab. It really took so long because we didn’t want to take one of the sketchy illegal cabs, who wanted £40 for our journey.

Now we are here and warm, and ready for a couple days of sleeping. After only getting 3 hours of sleep last night, and now being up until 6:30 in our original timezone, I think I’m about to crash. But that’s OK, because I have a soft place to do it.