London bound

Paget, Bermuda

Some of my family members knew, but I figured that since I am leaving tomorrow, it was probably about time that I brought people up to speed on my trip to London. I am traveling with work to spend a week in our London office. I feel it will be quite beneficial since there are a number of people in IT at this office that I’ve dealt with but never met. Not to mention that my direct project supervisor works out of this office.

On the non-work side it will also give me a chance to meet up with a few different friends that I have not seen in a while. And I might be able to get a spa treatment or two done while I’m there. I will report in with anything interesting that happens. Unfortunately I think I’m going to be too early to get a chance to see one of the MacBook Air’s in the Apple Store on Regent Street. I know that they aren’t shipping yet, but there is a possibility that they have a demo model there. I’ll definitely be stopping in to check.