Local Bunnies

Black Bunny One of the noteworthy facts that I mentioned from my trip out west at the beginning of June, was the proliferation of bunnies on the UVic campus. Well that has nothing to do with what I am talking about now.

For the past two weeks, we have been invaded by/graced with two bunnies in our yard. Those who have known me a while or quite well may recall that we used to own a couple of bunnies as pets when I was in junior high. These rabbits however have made themselves comfortable in our flower beds and feasting on the clover in our not-mowed-often-enough lawn. As you can see, this one let me get pretty close, and I have other photos of it closer. The other rabbit is more of a sandy colour and we call it ‘Blonde Bunny’ and this one is creatively the ‘Black Bunny’. I noticed yesterday (and obviously while I was taking this picture) that black bunny has white feet, which is interesting looking when it is running. It is kind of like it’s own lucky rabbit foot.

So if you spend any time at our house these days you are likely to see it. They are around quite often. Obviously the dog can see them from the front window and quite naturally goes nuts wanting to get outside. Mom remarked after realizing they had been around a couple of days, “You’d think we lived in the country.” Which of course is true, but most of the time we don’t see much wildlife – unless you consider swarms of black flies or moths. Oh and bats, we usually have bats winging around here at night.