Little bundle of joy.

I just came into the possesion of another computer today - I hesitate to say bought, because it was only $10, and it isn’t much of a computer, but it should be fun to play with. Her name is Maxine and she actually has a network card in her already. I have no idea what is on it, maybe nothing, I’m not even 100% that it has a hard drive. But she is a PII 200 with 64 megs of RAM, it has a CD drive so I might put Linux on her and totally mess around with it, or optionally I might put Dos on it and use it to play old Sierra games. In addition I got a 24-port, 10mbps switch. I may not have a lot of use for it, but it looks cool. :P

2003-12-06 16:40 Upon closer inspection, there is no hard drive in her. Oh and she is a Pentium Pro, not II

Written by Colin Bate