Lights, Camera, Action!

I am going to make a movie. At least that is my plan at the moment. And I can see this actually being completed unlike certain summer projects that I have started before… *cough* RPG *cough*.

I am not looking to make a full feature-length action movie or anything like that… in fact my main goal in shooting this would be to get some use out of iMovie and the firewire port on my laptop. Clearly I don’t want to spend much/any money on this so there aren’t going to be any elaborate props or costumes, but I don’t mind purchasing a few things to make it more realistic. So I invite all my friends to get involved with this project. I have a camera I can borrow (digital) and I even have my own tripod. What I don’t have is an idea as to what this movie will be about. I would like to use the Dal campus and downtown Halifax as the setting, but I don’t have a problem taking the production on the road if we would like some more rural scenes.

So if you have any ideas, or just the desire to see yourself in my small production movie, then please let me know… someone can start a thread about it in the forum… and for those people who aren’t members (why aren’t you?) you can email me at I know that a few of you are interested already and I also know that a few of you won’t be around this summer, but everyone else… I’d appreciate any feedback. I figure if I get enough interest, then I’ll have to go through with this :)

Written by Colin Bate