Last Swim

Today was a nice day in mid-September terms, but by no means a scorcher. The sun was out for much of the day and carried some heat with it and since Adam was here, we all decided that we should go for what I’m expecting to be the last swim of the year in our pool.

The water was only 22°C which isn’t bad, but cold by our recent standards. It was also filled with a number of fir needles – the ones that I wasn’t able/inclined to skim out. I guess that is a danger of this time of year. However, it was refreshing and one final reminder before I depart on Tuesday.

We were trying to remember when our last swim was for the past couple of years, but weren’t able to pin point the dates. So let this be a record of the date that we last used our pool for 2005. Maybe. I guess if it is really nice in the next week or so and the conditions permit, you might find someone in the pool, but in all likelihood, this is it.