Kung Fu Panda

Vancouver, BC

I’m just going to go out there and say it, this is now one of my favourite animated movies. One might think that this is a kids movie, but like many contemporary animated features, it really does provide something for everyone. And funny, this one had me laughing out loud on many occasions. Perhaps I am just a big kid at heart, but then aren’t we all, in some way.

Casting was good, at least where it mattered. Some of the supporting characters didn’t have much dialogue and as such, you didn’t really get a feel for the voice. But Jack Black playing up against Dustin Hoffman was pure gold. I’ve heard other people praise this one as a classic that, since it doesn’t contain too much pop culture reference, should stand to endure the test of time. I certainly hope it does, because this is one that I suspect I will want to own in the long run. For me a good movie is one that you are excited having seen, and you leave the theatre (or your living room) wanting to watch it again. This is one of those movies with serious re-watchability in my mind.

Go see it if you get a chance, but bear in mind that if you go for a Sunday matinee, the theatre will likely be inundated with little kids. And you’ll be one of them.

“There is now a level zero.”