I’m sure that many of you have seen the movie Tron - for those that haven’t don’t worry… your soul may be saved. However, in that movie, there is a scene where two ‘light cars’ are racing around each other leaving a trail of ‘their coloured light’ behind them. If either player collides with existing light, they are killed - so to speak. What I am trying to say is that there is a game for KDE called ktron which is a rough version of that game and I have become addicted to it. It is crazy. I have gotten to the point where I am getting quite good at it. I imagine that playing against a human opponent would be much harder, but as it is - definitely a fun little game. Chances are if you have KDE on your system, you have this game. There are similar Windows based games, or so I’ve heard. Cheers.

Written by Colin Bate