Kevin Smith

It started off innocently enough. I was introduced to the movie Clerks by a good friend very candidly - and I enjoyed it. It was probably one of the first real tastes that I had of independent film. It was vulgar, it was funny, and it was honest. I really can’t remember where or when I saw Mallrats, but that was also good… well I’ve seen all of Kevin Smith’s films (his feature films anyway) and I do look forward to Jersey Girl, which is coming out circa this summer. Partially because Kevin Smith wrote it, partially because Liv Tyler is in it. However, I have recently watched a copy of “An Evening with Kevin Smith” which is a composition of Q&A sessions at a few different universities in the states. This piece is almost fours hours and I have watched/listened to it 5 or 6 times. I will put it on when I am home for lunch and when I come home at the end of the day. I listen to it while I’m shaving and when I’m coding. I am obsessed with listening to Kevin Smith. I know the lines and I laugh at all the jokes - every time. Today was a good day because I stumbled upon one of the Easter Eggs on one of the discs. Obviously then I had to watch all of them so I hopped over to and found out there are nine easter eggs on the two discs - and they are all great. The only problem that I have with Kevin’s whole existence is the fact that he uses WWWBoard on his website. I mean yes - it is classic and popular, but so were Ataris and you don’t see many people using them anymore. I am half tempted to finish sonar! completely and give it to him to use. Because good god!

Written by Colin Bate