Just In Case

Just in case anyone was wondering, I am doing fine. My extraction went quite well. Unlike all the propoganda that I heard leading up to Friday, my wisdom teeth extraction was not a huge burden. I was not “put to sleep” - and very few people are according to the nurses. They do give most people an IV that relaxes them, and a lot of people do more or less fall asleep on their own. I also do not require Tylenol 3 or any other hardcore painkiller. I am taking some Ibuprofen, but in general there is no pain. There is a bit of discomfort in so much as my jaw feels tired - kind of like I was chewing on some really tough gum for a long time. Of course, the reason I had these teeth extracted (other than the fact that my dentist said I needed to) was because they were providing me with a great deal of intense pain. Not all the time, but it would hit in waves - and let me tell you, nothing I have felt in the past two days even comes close to that pain. I wish I was able to get a copy of my xray pan, because my lower right wisdom tooth was pretty funky looking and I’d love to get a picture of it on here. Oh well. :)

So while I do understand that some people don’t react to this type of procedure as well as I have been fortunate enough to, I must say that the anticipation was much worse than the deed itself. For any others that need to get this done in the future, don’t worry about it - I’m sure that it will be fine.

Written by Colin Bate