For those who haven’t heard, JetsGo went belly up this morning. They announced that they will be making no more flights and anyone with an existing ticket is SOL. The article goes on to say: if you show up at the airport, there won’t be any JetsGo people there and you will have to make alternate arrangements. Even people with return tickets are stuck wherever they are until they can get another way home so to speak.

I’m just glad that my family didn’t fly on JetsGo when they left last night at some unholy hour in the morning. Adam and I went to the airport last night around 1:30AM to liberate my dad’s car and bring it back to Halifax — payment for not being able to go on a vacation in the sun. When we were planning our little excursion to the airport, both of us pictured the busy airport that we were used to seeing during the day, not realizing I guess that the airport is practically dead between 1AM and 6AM — only Tim Hortons is open.

Driving back, I realized that Halifax does in fact sleep at night unlike other larger urban areas. So yea… I’m tired.