It's not Banner!

This message is up on Dal Online as a warning to people who need to do grade approval. I think that it might explain why it took so long to get some of my marks back.

Some people may experience problems with this process due to a problem with IE (Internet Explorer) and earlier versions of Netscape (7.0 and earlier), the recommended browser used for the grade approval process is Netscape version 7.2 or Mozilla Firefox. Use of IE or older Netscape versions may result in a “page cannot be displayed” or an authentication error message.

Please note, this is not a problem with the Banner system. This is an issue with web browsers that we are unable to resolve.

I think it is funny how they say it is not a problem with Banner — because clearly it must be an issue with Banner. I’m pretty sure that the web application can be written in such a way that supports IE and I’m certain that it likely does, but the Dal folks have bunged it up somehow. Not that I am condoning the use of IE — please avoid it, I’m just ranting at sloppy work.

Written by Colin Bate