Bridges Hall, University of Reading

When you are an international student, it is a good idea to have an International Student Identity Card. I got one last year before I finished at Dal. I’d like to say that I had a premonition that I would be going international, but in reality since it expires Dec 2005, I was simply hoping to use it to extend my student status after I had graduated. Turns out that didn’t matter because I am still a student, but the other benefits of this card include considerable discounts on airfare and train travel in Europe which is a good thing.

On a slightly different note, I learned today that they (the powers that be) are looking into arranging a group fare to Thessaloniki from London. This seems like a good idea, but since there is a month between the two terms, and some people are returning to their home countries (not just me) or otherwise leaving the country, this could become a serious logistical nightmare. Many portions of the program already are a serious logistical nightmare, but we have some very kind and capable people working on our behalf here in Reading. Although we are dealing with various issues like obtaining visas and handling scholarship payments, none of the problems encountered thus far are a result of any lack of effort from our coordinators here. Special mention should go to Linda who has been dealing with our problems since day one. And while some people may not recognize it, I am forever grateful that she is here to help us.