Yes, I am well aware that despite me changing my banner image to a more spring-like scene, it is snowing outside. I also considered putting some rain on there… but I could get anything that looked right so I scrapped that idea. The more I look at the new banner image - the less I like it. So in other words… don’t get too used to this one, I don’t imagine that it will be around for too much longer. I think it is time for a fresh start.

I can hear what I can only imagine is freezing rain outside and I am glad that I live very close to everything. And of course by that I mean that I’m glad that I never go anywhere outside. Of course that is only a good thing on days where it is raining or whatnot outside. Other days I have no good excuse and sometimes I find it hard to rationalize. I can just feel that what I am writing at this moment is likely bordering on the edge of incoherent as I am extremely tired and I best be off to bed now. Cheers

Written by Colin Bate