OK… I’m sure by now that you have seen the picture of the iPod that resides now in place of Obnauticus on the left side of this page. So you might be thinking that I have pretty much gone Apple crazy, and I’m not sure if that is far from the truth. I am a big fan of always listening to music, no matter where I am, and at the moment I have a Sony MP3/CD player that serves this purpose. However, I find that even that limits me. Now that I have an Apple Powerbook I am definitely looking at getting an iPod. A 15GB iPod to be exact. With a dock and a wired remote. :) So instead of bringing one CD of music around, I can bring all of my music around. Not only that but it also has some simple ToDo list features with a calendar and what not. Plus it has games. And a lithium ion battery. So yea I am a bit crazy about this sexy little device that may soon be joining my life. I’ll let everyone know. :)

Written by Colin Bate