International times and calling

AUTh Lab, Thessaloniki

Although I link to it from my bookmarks, I thought it warranted mentioning here. If you ever need information on international times and dates, etc. you should check with It is a great resource for knowing what time zone is where and anything else you can think of regarding time and date. It includes some information on different calendars and one of the useful features I found recently is that it can also give you proper dialing phone numbers for international calls based on where you are and where you are calling. So if you don’t know country codes, local area codes, international dialing prefixes or any of that, this is a great reference.

I’ve also decided to added the current date and time on my website in the side bar because it could be useful to compare to various other time zones given the international scope of this website. For you general information, my current location, Thessaloniki is in GMT+0200. Cheers.