Interesting idea

I was listening to my Vocal Trance station while I was typing up my last post and I got the idea for an interesting product. There may be a product like this already, I haven’t done any legwork on it (nor do I plan to). Basically it is a set of Wi-Fi headphones. I realize that there are wireless headphones that would serve in a similar role, but it would be cool to have a pair of head phones that could stream Internet radio wirelessly. Good for people with wireless home networks, or for myself in the CS building. They could be docked to get the station presets loaded/changed and then they would have some simple controls for volume and station. I was thinking about the larger headphones like the Koss ones that I have (for those few of you who know what the hell I’m talking about). Wireless earbuds would also be useful for the business traveller who would be able to use them at airports possibly. I realize that conventional radio and existing wireless headphones are solutions to some of the issues that I might have, but when has that stopped anyone before. I would just like to have more products that are Internet Radio aware.

Written by Colin Bate