Interesting Development

Digital cameras are great things. I can attest to that as much as anyone. And I also praise PHP more than I think is healthy. However these two loves in my life have finally come together. As it turns out, with the newer versions of PHP (like on Anna, not on borg) there is support for Exif data. For those who aren’t aware, a lot of digital cameras store information like filesize, dimensions, camera settings, and a thumbnail for the little LCD with each photo taken. My camera is no different. This format is called Exif. And now with PHP I can access this data, including the thumbnail, almost eliminating the need for me to create thumbnails… which means that my galleries will go online faster. I am also designing this crazy system that will allow me to store lengthy stories with galleries if desired and to actually comment on the individual photos. There will also be cool sorting features and the potential for user submitted galleries. There should be something come online by this time tomorrow. :) Cheers.

Written by Colin Bate