Inspiring Minds

As it turns out that is what we at Dalhousie University are doing here. Everyone… all the time. To be quite honest, I like the new look and feel. Obviously they can’t impress everyone, we all have different tastes, but once they are finished the new site will be much much better than the old one. The old one was designed in a different time, a time of different thinking.

I have heard people gripe and whine about various problems… “Why didn’t they put this towards the TA’s or tuition?” or the far more superfluous, “I don’t like the way that the water looks or the way that this colour looks…”. To the first one I say that any organization has to look to the big picture for sustained growth. Maybe my opinion is more realistic because I have worked for the university in a number of different capacities as well as being a student, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. And the matter of taste is just that… a matter of taste. You can say what you want, the colours have been carefully picked to compliment and contrast in a balanced manner… and it is good. Yes the water tiles when you have a higher resolution, but not so much that it is a problem… practically. And I must say that despite any issues arising from having the Flash plugin (which is pretty ubiquitous) the page does load into any modern browser without problems.

Anything that can unify this university in a way that is more consistent is definitely a good thing.

Written by Colin Bate