In Bruges

Vancouver, BC

Unfortunately I am not in Bruges at the moment, although I will take this opportunity to plug my Bruges photos from my trip a couple years ago before starting my Masters project. No, what I am referring to is the movie with Colin Farrell.

I saw this movie on what must have been its second last day playing in Vancouver and the theatre was quite full, for a Wednesday night. And justly so, the movie was quite enjoyable, and if the Internet can be any indication, a generally good movie all around.

I’m not sure whether it was the fact that I had been to Bruges before, or just the story telling of the screen writers, but I was really drawn into this film which surprised me with a considerable amount of humour and charm. It had it’s fair share of oddness sprinkled in there are well, but that just added to the overall appeal, at least from my perspective. There are some startling scenes in it, especially toward the end, and it isn’t for anyone who offends easily, but for the rest of you out there, I’d recommend renting it when it hits DVD, because I’m not sure whether many theatres are still carrying it.