I finally did it.

I finally ordered the uber-keyboard. It should be shipping tomorrow and arrive in about a week. It was expensive and although I do have to pay shipping, the fact that I am getting it from Saskatchewan and only have to pay GST means that I’m saving about $10 - even including the $25 shipping. I was just on the phone with the owner of ErgoCanada.com for about 20 minutes and he described the pros and cons of the keyboard to me. It sounds like I have made a pretty good decision. He mentioned that programmers like the Comfort Keyboard, which is the one that I am getting. He also said that they really like the Kenesis which is one I mentioned a while back. I guess that the documentation with it is pretty bad, which means that when I figure out how to use it I will put up a page with the information. :P

Written by Colin Bate