I’m not sure when I first heard of ht://Dig - maybe a couple of years ago, and likely in conjunction with CSCI 4173. I took a look at it then as a program of potential interest, and it wasn’t. Now that I have to use it myself for class I like it even less. I mean, why would you bother with that? There are two better solutions in my opinion.

  1. If you manage your content in a database like I do, you can search using built-in indexing features of the database itself. MySQL allows this and so I imagine that it is present in other “more expensive” DBMS’s as well.

  2. So you’re a static content type of person, that’s admirable, but you can simply have Google search your site for you. I realize that this may only work on certain indexed sites, but really, do small personal sites really need to be searched? Chances are that if you are able to install ht://Dig on your site then you are open to better options.

Just my beef. I’ll go back and finish up with ht://Dig to play my part in the pissing contest.

Written by Colin Bate