House of India—Slow carb style

Pembroke, Bermuda

I don’t know if I managed to keep all of the bad foods out but I think that I did a pretty good job. Normally Thursday is our office curry day when we all share lunch family-style. However, all of that rice and naan isn’t slow enough for the diet I’m on. So I tried to order some other things. Pictured above is a mixture of Sag Mutter (spinach with peas), Dal Tadka (lentils, split peas, etc) and Chicken Madras (which is a spicy tomato-based sauce). Looking at recipes online there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with these dishes, but I’m not sure how House of India prepares them. I might call them to see if they do a sag with chicken, which would up the meat content, which was lacking in this version.

Very tasty overall and will likely be my go-to Thursday lunch while doing this.