Hotel Rooms

Can be and often are a lot of fun. It means that you are on a trip somewhere, or that you picked up downtown and don’t want to bring the action back to your parent’s/spouse’s house. Either way, good for you. This being all well and good, there are two issues that I have with hotel rooms - a least the one I am in currently.

The bed - yes it was comfortable and warm and the pillows were nice and soft. Actually before I continue further, let me say that these issues can be found anywhere, it just so happens that I experienced them at the hotel. The issue I have with the beds are the blankets. First of all… they are tucked down onto the bed with the hold of a starfish. I find that pretty annoying despite the fact that I don’t usually flail about in my sleep. The other issue is multiple blankets. My bed had three layers of blanket. I really have no clue how to operate such a beast. Maybe my single comforter style is uncouth, but I like it. I woke up at one point last night and I am pretty sure that I was missing my middle blanket - where the hell could it go?! So that’s my beef. Part of it.

The other thing that bugs me - and this happens a fair bit more - are showers that are designed such a way such that they are physically incapable of containing all of the water that is ‘showering’ down. The one in our room here is such that the shower curtain rod is arched outward away from the shower. I’ll bet it looks nice when the curtain is closed on the inside and I will admit that there is a bit more room on the inside of the shower, but there is a sizable gap between the edge of the tub and the shower curtain. And despite pointing the shower head at the inside wall… water still sprays against the shower curtain and falls - into a huge puddle that is collecting beside the toilet. Awesome. Because chances are I’m going to step in it - likely not until I have already put my socks on - because that is what makes sense I guess.

I guess that is about it and I will end my rant with ERGO! VIS A VIS! CONCORDANTLY! Thank you and good night.

Written by Colin Bate