Holy Psycho-kids Batman

So there are like 10 to 15 tour buses around in front of the Arts Center right now. All of them are filling with kids - I’m guess some are upwards of 16 even. All of them act as if they were born yesterday. Running around, disregarding the concept of traffic and personal safety. I swear if everyone gets out of this without being hit by a bus I’ll be surprised. It’s like they have never been to a city or town before and running around parked vehicles and out into the street like they aren’t quite sure what a car is. I would hate to be a motorist around here right now… because at least when classes let out and student flood the streets… they are walking… and in a more or less predictable manner.

Not only that but the buses themselves were causing some static out there if you will. They were sitting in the streets with other cars looking to get by… honking… little bit of yelling too. Dal security even showed up… it was quite the scene out there for a while… but now that I have finished typing things seemed to have settled. No screaming, no honking, and no ambulances were here. I guess everyone made it out alive this time.

Written by Colin Bate